Hands-on software developer with 3 years of industry experience building R/R shiny web applications. Eager to collaborate with customers to find optimal solutions. Carefully customizes each product to user needs and budgets. Provides reliably actionable code and software assets for customers and internal data libraries.

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I have a solid understanding of the R programming language, this being my third year of consistently developing products with it. From data wrangling to interactive analysis & visualization using R shiny, all the way to reporting using Rmarkdown. I also have working experience using python and django. On the database side, I've been working with postgreSQL. Picking up new frameworks or languages is never an issue but I am most comfortable developing on the backend.


  • R/R Shiny
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Version Control (Git & GitHub)
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL


July 2021 - PRESENT

R/R Shiny Software Developer at Actuarial Services (EA) Limited

  • Created interactive R Shiny dashboards, majorly for claim reserving and actuarial valuations.
  • Updated old code bases to modern development standards, improving functionality.
  • Collaborated with project managers to select ambitious, but realistic coding milestones on pre-release software project development.

Jan 2020 - June 2021

Freelance — R Programmer

  • Created plans and communicated deadlines to complete projects on time.
  • Developed a sudoku puzzle solver project using R programming language
  • Learned software engineering process improvements and best practices.




I created these projects when I was a beginner. Haven't had much time since I got a full-time job. I'd do much better today. Trust me.

1. Sudoku Puzzle Solver

A web app for solving sudoku puzzles, built using R/R Shiny.

2. WhatsApp Chat Analysis

A web app showing an interactive analysis of one of my WhatsApp group chats.

To see all my projects, visit my GitHub page.